How to Stop Download on Android?

Stop Download on Android method is so simple you don’t need to worry about that . some times when we open Wi-Fi. Or sim data after some hours so google apps and many other apps which you have already downloaded for your unknown purpose you better know.

Stop Download on Android

Stop Download on Android

So these apps start updates automatically and take too much time to update and when the apps updating All mobile system begin to stop and screen Doe’s not worked and the system is about to hang.

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So some method I want to give you how to stop Download on Android type of irritating file.?


  1. If downloading file belongs to your purpose apps and belongs to play store or app store so first, you have to go to the three dashes which are presently left on the top of the screen click on it.
  2. When you click some options appear and select the apps option and you will easily stop the downloading app.
  3. Some times plays store libraries take too much time for downloading. so how can we stop Download on Android…


When you swipe down your top screen or swipe down your top screen panel with your thumb. every smartphone user has known how to swipe down over the top screen.

Click the downloading file and press hold on it so Stop Download on Android action gives you 2 option first is cancel and second is stop or pause. so which option you want to select you better know.

So here is complete Stop Download on Android is simple to stop downloading file on Android.

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