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This Sonic Dash 2 is the incredible sequel to SEGA’s most hit and top endless running game, Sonic Dash.

Sonic Dash 2 mod apk is an endless running game just like its previous version, Sonic Dash. This game was first released and soft-launched in Canada and Ireland for Android platform for Android users on July 1st, 2015. And the iOS supported version of Sonic Dash 2 was out on August 18, 2015.

At these above-mentioned dates, the game was only available in the Canada and Ireland App Store. Then it was made available worldwide first for the iOS Sonic Dash 2 mod apk users on October 8, 2015, and for the Android users on October 16, same year.

Sonic Dash 2 provides you with great gaming experience, featuring a world full of 3D graphics and many raps and limitations which challenge you to run through them to accomplish the levels.Image result for Sonic Dash 2 APK"

Image result for Sonic Dash 2 APK"

As you continue running, you will build up speed and this is where the things will get much challenging and difficult for you. If you don’t want to play on these running levels, Sonic Dash 2 mod apk you can try different mini-games as well provided by the Sonic Dash 2 in-game.

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom Mod Apk

With this modified apk version of Sonic Dash 2, you get each and everything unlocked. There is no need to fulfill specific requirements or to buy something in-game.

Just download the Mod Apk version of Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom and you will have access to all the Locked rewards and everything, as all locked things will be unlocked with this Mod Apk version.

Features of Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom

  • You get a Team Play Mode, in this mode, you can race with up to three characters
  • New special powers: Sonic’s Dash Ring Magnet, Knuckles Slam, Amy’s Ring Hammer and many more
  • New fast-paced track to DASH in.
  • It features new Swing and Tilt Gameplay with the supercharged Enerbeam. You will have to tilt your device to control your runner towards the Rings and Orbs
  • Complete daily SEGA challenges and Events to earn special prizes

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