Top 5 Most Popular Social Media in China [You Must Know About]

China government has not allowed to the other country made apps, therefore, the china has made new, social media in China, I wanna you must read and know something new which is being hidden from you.

The social media in China has not blocked but use which are allowed in China only those or the best way to use whose you want but must use the VPN if you wanna take a survey of other social media which are not able to use in China according to the China government roles. 🙂

social media in china
social media in china

In this post, I’ll be going to discuss top 5 most popular social media in China and I hope you must know about it but before read to than able to reversed back with you wanted.

Top 5 Most Popular Social Media in China

The key thing every company must know in order to do business in China or also know under the condition is doing if try to grow up your business, is that Western Social Media in China platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and so on are banned in China. In fact, Weibo, WeChat, Youku and more are the main social media channels in China.

#1 WeChat: All-in-one Social Media in China 😛

WeChat Social Media in China
Social Media in China

WeChat is a social media in China messaging app developed by Tencent, which also provides games, online shopping, and financial services.

WeChat is a messaging and calling app that allows you to easily connect with family and friends across countries. It’s the all-in-one communications app for text (SMS/MMS), social media in China, voice and video calls, Moments, photo sharing, and games.

social media in China


  • FREE VOICE & VIDEO CALLS: High-quality free calls to anywhere in the world.
  • WECHAT OUTCALLS: Make calls to landlines and mobile around the globe at low rates (in certain regions only). 😛
  • STICKER GALLERY: Hundreds of free, fun, animated stickers to express your feelings from some of your favorite cartoons and movies.
  • MOMENTS: Share the best moments on your personal photo stream.
social media
WeChat screenshots

Features: 🙂

The features of social media in China with Wechat are as follows:

  • Should use in China.
  • The outstanding result if you are using currently updated version.
  • A scroll way.
  • QR codes might be dying in the Western world.


I suggest you update that you should make it like what app. The people can see that whether that the person see the message. The social media in China, you should update it that the person can have a privacy to let or not their friends to see whether they read the message already. It will be more convinced to us to let them know the important things. 🙂


Or, the Second option writing on paper each friend’s ID code with relevant contact information such as name and birthday. Then can start the new account. But, the same phone number may need the original account to access the app having the same phone number. Under the social media in China with the voice capabilities of WeChat, two people can be teacher and learner in practicing word sounds in another language.

#2 Sina Weibo

Sina Weibo
Social Network


Catch the trendy topics, get closer to your favorite idols, find the story behind the scenes. Explore your interests and share anything you want at any time, anywhere! 🙂

After taking many enjoyments in weibo app for China, but the targetting for China which is the basics, going well what we must like? With the social media in China are know is depending on this post.

Weibo App for China

I’d like to ask if you will add some other countries to your international list soon again because I can’t use this app in my country (Austria) and I would love to make an acc here. So, I hope you will add some more European countries soon because the community is growing and lots of fans of Asian singers actors and so on want to follow them on their sins weibo, so, please add some countries against soon. 🙂

social media in China
Weibo Apps for China screenshots


The features of social media in China are as follows also included Weibo. 😛

  • It also allows brands to generate a marketing strategy and even directly sell their products through the page.
  • Support all media types: photos, GIFs, text, videos, and emoji etc. 🙂
  • Discover people with excellent taste and making a new friend!
  • Post&repost anything to express yourself.
  • Let’s chat, share, and have fun together.
  • Quick access to Sina Weibo.

#3 Tencent QQ 🙂

Tencent For China

The social media in China and the QQ has a desktop version that is incredibly popular with white collar workers. Plus, QQ doesn’t require a phone number to register like WeChat. Users each have a unique numerical ID for their accounts. 🙂

I used to love QQ, then I upgraded phones. The new phone has a massive processor and 4G of RAM. So why doesn’t QQ function right? I can chat no problem, but that’s about it. 😛



The features of social media in China are as follows and provided by QQ. 😛

  • Support the top of the message.
  • The social media in China: China has been developing lots of apps only for China this one is also. 🙂
  • Chat windows support automatic translation.
  • Optimize some functions of chats.
QQ International for china
QQ International Chat
  • Comment section heavily censored by Chinese gov’t, posting anything other.
  • Good app.
  • Happen many times in the past but now working 100%.
  • Update around End of May 2018.

#4 Zhihu 🙂

Zhihu social media in China
Social media in China

“Three secrets” creative team Mobley Yong, Ma Tianyu, Wan Qian know almost settled it! “Three Confidential” e-book bookstore know almost synchronous Hot!

The Zhihu of social media in China has been providing the best service as like send a message to Girlfriend whatever, we can use it. :O

If you couldn’t use it you must download it now and get more way to connect China.

I am used to writing an article on the awesome post and this one is also as like the social media in China. 😛

知乎 Apps on Google Play

You might like above image and see what the chines write on that name in the language of China. 🙂

Let’s see which features are powerful for us and what we want to get from them?
Become a part of Zhihu for China and used to connect it.

Features: 🙂

知乎 Apps on Google Play screenshots

The features of social media in China and Zhihu also added.

  • Zhihu is a question and answer site just like the English equivalents.
  • It is common for posts on Zhihu to be over 5k words and cover incredibly specific questions. 😛
  • Zhihu has a new feature called 值乎, which when romanized also reads as “Zhihu”.
  • Social Events – How to evaluate Stephen Hawking (Stephen Hawking) contribution to life?
  • Campus Lifetime for you to appreciate what college major is not white school?
  • The vicissitudes of life – Dad how much money each month in order to prop up a home?

#5 Youku Tudou 🙂

Youku Tudou App for China
Youku Tudou App for Android

The social media in China and China’s top-rated video streaming provider. Watch Street Dance of China, 🙂 Women in Beijing exclusively on Youku and enjoy the best Chinese series, movies, comics, varieties, documentaries with 700 million users all over the world.

Youku Apps for China
Youku Apps on Google Play 🙂

Youku android app supports android phone and Pad. Stream and download your favorite video (except videos for VIP only)and watch it anytime, anywhere with up to 2.0x speed on your android devices.


The social media in China and YouKu features are as follows: 🙂

Youku of the social media in China
Youku Apps on Google Play screenshots
  • FullDive Camera: take pictures and video in VR
  • Store and access your pictures, videos, and photosphere in VR
  • Browse the web, such as Facebook, Google, and everything else in VR. 🙂
  • Access all VR applications in the market
  • Comment on content and share with your friends
social media in China
Youku Apps screenshots

Youku offers many types of the ad such as banner ads in social media in China and including static and animated, text links, buttons, in-stream advertisements, branded viral videos, and pause ads.

Youku Apps

You must try these apps in your life and get more over which are better do not forget to suggest us, I’ll include in this post. 🙂

I’ll just give a quick run-down of some more topic-specific social media in China that are more niche, but could be incredibly useful considering the nature of your business of social media in China.

You might like to advertise in China and wanna get more audience on your blog you can contact me, I’ll try to give you a way to take advertisements.

Conclusion: Top 5 Most Popular Social Media in China [You Must Know About]

I hope this helped you to understand how each of these Chinese social media sites works, and to decide which ones would suit your business best for advertising.

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