Simple Gallery Pro [Free] (Mod apk, Unlimited Saving, Updated,)

The developer has made Simple Gallery Pro and would share on the play store because if anything will have shared on the play store so, that application will have gone to world-wild that’s why the developer has already told about Simple Gallery and now you can download Simple Gallery Pro in the same device.

You can view you all images in the highest quality without any editing and you can manage as you want in the gallery area.

Every setting you can take it from Simple Gallery Pro by the developer if it is paid but in this post, I’ve been providing you to download Simple Gallery Pro free so, don’t waste even a minute.

Simple Gallery Pro

Why not if you have a few minutes to find the Simple Gallery Pro so, it has already on the play store bus some issue is going because we can not manage it from the site provided although that way is most popular.

The fingerprint permission is needed for locking either hidden item visibility, the whole app, or protecting files from being deleted.

The best gallery app, period. I happened to luckily stumble upon this while Pro version was free. It is so good, I plan to donate. Want to hide media files or folders? This has the simplest implementation I’ve seen – and unless someone’s REALLY prying while you’re not looking, they won’t find. Want UI themes? Got it. Want grid or list view toggle? Check. Edit images, flip, mirror, rotate? Yup. So much more. Easily the best in Simple Gallery Pro.

Everything you will get perfectly because now you’re on Simple Gallery Pro version.


Simple Gallery Pro Mod
Keep it up…
Simple Gallery Pro APK
Initial pro
Simple Gallery Pro Mod APK
Amazing look…

Let’s check under what features are having in Simple Gallery Pro.

App Features:

  • Search
  • Slideshow
  • Notch support
  • Pinning folders to the top
  • Filtering media files by type
  • Recycle bin for easy file recovery
  • Fullscreen view orientation locking
  • Marking favorite files for easy access
  • Quick fullscreen media closing with down gesture
  • Many more…

Simple Gallery is a full-featured, non-intrusive photo gallery that does its job well. It doesn’t want access to my contacts or my microphone or anything ridiculous like that. When I upgraded to the Pro version.

Download Simple Gallery Pro [Free] (Mod apk, Unlimited Saving,)

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It is nice to not feel like we are being monitored for the fascist agenda. To those thinking of getting this app it works great & you don’t have to sign away your privacy rights like on the mainstream sites, like Google photo for example. Get their Contact app to keep your contact list out of the hands of greed driven fascists.

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