Download Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK For Android

Shadow Fight 2 is an updated form of Shadow Fight, additionally the best type of the series, which is a progression of fighting games released by Nekki. Get to know about Download Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK For Android.

In Shadow Fight 2, you will change into a mighty samurai warrior, who ventures to the far corners of the world searching for his rival.

Shadow Fight 2

The triumph makes him arrogant and violates the exacting law of the samurai that is breaking the seal of Gate of Shadows. That is the place the most dangerous foes of the world are detained.

That error made him endure the results. The entire universe of darkness has been freed; the ground-breaking magic from Gate of Shadows draws in his appearance, leaving him with just the shadow.

He understands that something incorrectly and could hurt the world; he made plans to practice and battle to put the shrewd spirits down once more.

This game isn’t excessively hard and does not have numerous functions; however, it isn’t for hasty individuals. You have to have certain persistence if you need to overcome the whole Shadow Fight 2.


The game consistently keeps its intrigue when continually including new effects and new territories to explore. In the first place, you should conquer the plot mode: incorporate seven supervisors in 7 parts.

Particularly in the last section, you will see every one of the supervisors that have been defended previously.

Bosses will be stable in the plot and challenging to defeat. You should improve your quality by upgrading your equipment and abilities and attack.

After you murder a boss and bodyguard, you can open the storyline and unlock the new modes you will explore.

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Nikki’s selective technology has made an enjoyable and cordial 2D game. Rather than featuring the subject out of sight, this game features the foundation while the item is dark. It is justifiable because the storyline of the game has clarified this as of now.

Shadow Fight 2 Mod APK


When taking an interest in the battles, you will see the smoothness of the game. Strikes, character impacts, and weapon consolidate to make an action movie on your phone screen.

Individuals will see that the play is somewhat moderate contrasted with rapid battle games, yet this clarifies the significance of the Japanese samurai soul: Agitation, Concentration, and Decision-Making. It tends to be said that Shadow Fight 2 is not a hasty game.

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What we like

  • The game is not hard
  • It has many functions

What we don’t like

  • The game is not for hasty people
  • Challenges are tough

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