How to Send GIFs on Android

Without GIFs, most people feel that they haven’t been able to get their message across to the other person. Many people feel the need to answer questions by sending GIFs, and those who have Android would like to know how to send them.

If a person wants to send GIF in a text message, then they should first open the message option, select a contact and then tap on compose a message.

How to Send GIFs on Android

Send GIFs on Android

There is a plus sign on the bottom left-hand side of the message option, where the user should tap. There, users will find the GIF option, through which they can search their desired GIFs and send them to other users.

Another way to send a GIF is by using the Giphy app, that everyone can download from Google Play Store. There are many GIFs from which a user can choose, and they have the chance to search a huge database.

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GIPHY – Animated GIFs Search Engine

GIPHY – Animated GIFs Search Engine app is easy to use because all a user has to do is to type a keyword, and their desired GIFs will appear.

GIPHY - Animated GIFs Search Engine

They can choose the one they want to share and can send it to their friends by directly sharing the link of the GIF, or by downloading it and then sharing it directly with their contacts.

They can share by using WhatsApp or through text messaging.

A third way to send GIFs on Android is by using the Google Keyboard App.

Users can install it from Google Playstore and then launch it through their text messaging app. They can start a new conversation, open the keyboard, and tap on the smiley face icon that appears below the keyboard, on the left side of the space bar.

They can search for GIFs using the Google search option. The benefit of using GIPHY – Animated GIFs Search Engine app is that it offers a huge collection of GIFs to its users because it directly searches from Google’s database.

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GIFs add more variety to text and make things more enjoyable and less boring. Using GIFs, finding them and sending them through text messaging apps may take some time and practice, but following the above simple steps can make things easier for users.

How to Send GIFs on Android

What We Like

  • Finding the right GIFs to express how we feel
  • Finding GIFs in time, before the other person uses them

What We Don’t Like

  • Scrolling and not being able to find any GIF on Android
  • Downloading different apps to get access to GIFs

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