How To Download Selinux Switch Free

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Do you want to download SELinux switch app free? but you don’ t have any idea how to do it. Here I am to guide you with two methods of how to download and install Selinux switch free.

What is SELinux switch

Download Selinux switch Free
Download Selinux switch Free

The SELinux is a great app which offers to switch a device. The SELinux is developed to give better security to all Android users. It gives the command to the device for the user.

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It provides a notification to the user and reflecting the user-selected command submission.


Mobile phones must be rooted if you are going to download Selinux with an app and the mobile kernel must allow those changes which Selinux will be made. And those changes will not be Permanently done

How to download SELinux switch app?

If you want to download SELinux switch you so you must have android 4.2 or higher version.

There are two methods to install Selinux switch

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First Method

Step 1. To begin you must enable unknown source in your mobile’s security setting.
Step 2. Then you have to download Selinux switch apk file and then save it.
Step 3. And install it.

Second Method

Step 1. In this method first, you have to download the installer zip file (e.g The
Step 2. Then you have to reboot your device using TWRP recovery mode.

Step 3. when your device will be in TWRP mode just tap on the install button.

Step 4. Then you have to browse the internal storage of your device and select the installer zip file

Step 5. After selection just the “Swipe to confirm Flash button”
Step 6. It takes a few seconds to install
Step 7. After installation just taps the reboot system button.

Video Tutorial

Download Selinux switch Free

SELinux kernel code is included in the mainline Linux 2.6 kernel, available from The Linux Kernel Archives.

The core SELinux userland source code is available from The SELinux Userspace Project.

The SELinux policy configuration sources are available from the SELinux Reference Policy project.


So in this artical, you can learn Two methods of how to download and install the Selinux switch app in your device.


Hope you guys found it helpful If you have anything to ask regarding so let me know in the comment down.

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