What Are The Screenshot Issues on Android

Are you an Android user and your screenshot function is not working? Just relax. I will let you know why is this happening and how to fix Screenshot Issues on Android.

What causes Screenshot Not Working Issues

Screenshot Issues on Android

There are many reasons that encounter screenshot capturing issue. Like Chrome Incognito Mode, it doesn’t allow screenshots. Or it could be a mechanical issue with your phone, such as a broken button, or you may have low storage availability.

Screenshots error are like, you would be getting error messages like, “Can’t take screenshot due to limited storage space.” Or, “Can’t take screenshot due to security policy.”

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And if you are using a gesture method of taking a screenshot and the image isn’t captured. Or if you use Google Assistant to take a screenshot, but the image did not get captured.

These types of issues occur randomly due to specific situations. If you use work apps on your personal phone, it might be the reason for this issue. Well whatever the issues are, I will lead you to their solutions. Hopefully, they will work for you with Screenshot Issues on Android.

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Ways of Enabling Screenshot According to Particular Situation

Screenshot Issues on Android

Step 1. If you installed a work-related application on your personal phone, just uninstall it. Go to Settings > Applications> “Your work application” > Uninstall.

Step 2. Using Chrome Incognito Mode and not closing it properly or disabling it. It doesn’t allow to take screenshots. Disable it by clicking on the Tabs icon on your Chrome. And tap the X in the upper-right corner of each incognito tab to close it or just swipe it fast to close it.

Step 3. Try using alternative methods like swiping function, pressing a combination of keys, or capture screenshot using Google Assistant.

Each device has different swiping options, go to your settings and find out about yours. Just as the swiping function, each device has its own combination of keys to capture screenshots. You must know yours, according to your phone model.

These methods might solve your issue. Apply them and let me know if I helped. PEACE!

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