How To Save Backup of Blogger?

If you want to save your backup of your blogger and you did not get any option in blogger settings which can do it yet and you have needed so I hope you will read these some points which I have written in below lines. Read and follow these points for saving your blogger backup there are some points. If you have a blogger so I hope you will read my points and If you have not a Save Backup of Blogger and you want to create a blog so after creating you can save your backup and If you want to get from your friend so first, you have to read then you can get from him.

Save Backup of Blogger

I am telling about backup step by step and I wanna you to don’t miss it if you have needed to save the backup of blogger. Your backup can decorate others blogger if your backup has the beautiful things which other’s bloggers want to do in its.

Now, I should start to write these points which you want to get from this post and I am providing just for if you have interested to save your backup of your blogger.

  1. First, you have to open your blogger
  2. Go to the settings of the blogger and other you can check in this screenshot I have a screenshot.
  3. Save Backup of Blogger
  4. Go Click on Other.
  5. Then you have the same options which I can see from this screenshot.
  6. Save Backup of Blogger
  7. Now, if you want to save your blogger’s backup so you have to click on Back up Content and if you want to import the backup from your computer so you have to click on Import Content.

So, Guys, I hope you have understood about How to Save Backup of Blogger? and I hope you will try it. If there have any type of issue or problem so you may also contact us. Click for contact us here

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