Get bigger and crush as many buildings as you [ Rock of Destruction MOD APK ] can while rolling down the mountain! Find new ages and destruct from castles to sci-fi cities Rock of Destruction MOD APK download on your mobile.
It’s a fun game. The kicker, however, is it freezes and locks up your phone… I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled once Rock of Destruction MOD APK already and it’s frozen up on me again.

Rock of Destruction MOD APK

Until they get it worked out, don’t bother installing.
Worked fine for me until I tried to open it a second time. It gets stuck on the screen asking if I want to double Rock of Destruction MOD APK offline earnings. Will leave installed for a few days to see if fixed. Also, Voodoo as usual only play the ads when I select to double rewards. Don’t be greedy.
If a game renders your entire touchscreen unresponsive to the point you have to restart your phone, is it really a game? F- No. I’d give this game a 0/5 if I could
It’s a good game, but way too many ads. For Rock of Destruction MOD APK anyone who looks through the comments section in order for this game to work you need to tap accept on the things it “needs” then it’ll play.
If I could give 0 stars I would couldn’t even start the game, it said tap to play, so I tapped…and tapped. and tapped. Rock of Destruction MOD APK and tapped nothing. Uninstalled and reinstalled, still nothing, at least make your games playable.
I had fun with this game. It froze the first time I loaded it up but it’s brand new so it’s bound to have a bug or two. Rock of Destruction MOD APK Please fix this voodoo because I can see my self-playing this for a few months at least.


Rock of Destruction
Rock of Destruction
Developer: VOODOO
Price: Free+


  • Tried a few times to get it to work. Reinstalled,
  • Gave permission, restarted phone after install,
  • And every time it locks up my phone screen. Pure junk.