How to Reverse Gamertag lookup Xbox

Hello friends, today I am going to help you to reverse Gamertag lookup Xbox. I hope you got my point in the first sentence I described. Before explaining it why Xbox is famous, I should cover the outline of this topic.

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How to Reverse Gamertag lookup Xbox?

You can also add your friends and give them suggestions. Followers and friends option already exists.

Would you like to add someone to your Xbox network? You must have to access their Gamertag. One more thing is there is no way to search out what Gamertag he/she has. So, you must ask a friend about his/her Gamertag.

Now, here going to try to add friends on Xbox, Xbox One, and more, you should put their exect name.

The name must valid. If it is, it will show you the profile of that person you added.

Now, don’t add an invalid name.

That’s just I explain what is right and what is wrong.


If you are on the Xbox network for the first time, it allows you to make your own Gamertag. You can suggest using Gamertag as well. You should see your Microsoft account while accessing Gamertag.

It is the same as using username and account users. Now it is function to use in different modes. Now you must sign up for your account on Microsoft and then access Gamertag.

Microsoft Gamertag

Username should use. Password is a must. Then you have to access it without any issue.

Microsoft is not offering us to use the Gamertag service at all. You and I can’t use it anymore. Expect username, phone number, email, and more that is secure always.

It is all I have described.

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