20+ Best Features Retrica APK for Android

Retrica APK

Retrica is a photo enhancing and sharing app that has burst onto the scene with many different filters that range from the extreme to the glamorous. Going to share you 20+ Best Features Retrica APK for Android.

Retrica APK for Android

Smart phones have quickly been replacing digital cameras all around the world with the cameras on phones becoming more and more advance app developers have discovered ways to enhance photos.

Retrica has a wide array of filters that will help you get the job done. This is a robust app that has taken camera phones to the next level.

Retrica APK Setting!

Retrica APK

On the bottom of the screen, you can see five different option for capturing a picture.

These icons can be used to select different setting like various photo grids and patterns for the photo to produce dark edges, focus blur, out of focus blur, collages and interesting borders.

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20+ Best Features Retrica APK for Android

Retrica APK

  • Retrica differs from other selfies and camera app, in general, is the live filter support.
    • The camera interface carries two horizontal navigation bars that are arranged and gray.
    • Retrica makes a photo to give a professional look for photos just with the use of filters and effect.
    • You can create photo collages with filters applied.
    • 22 layout are available for photo collage.
    • The great feature from retrica app includes 100+ filters along with real-time.
    • You can hit a shuffle key to randomly pull up filter, or choose one manually.
    • Filter are grouped into themes like “chic” , “silver” and “cinema” with each one containing several different filter look.
    • A vastly diverse selection of filters that will fit any situation.
    • Beautiful text overlays that will give any blog a personal touch.
    • A sticker that can make your photo even more fun to look at.
    • Video recording up to 15 seconds.
    • The ability to make framed collages
    • Retrica APK for Android app also features online sharing support via fb and many social media where you want.
    • There are vignettes and watermark logos to choose from as well and photo booth mode with an abundance of layout check retrica out from the download link below if you are interested in adding some pizzazz to your photos and especially your selfies.


  • • Retrica is a free app
    • You can upload to the retrica photo. Sharing social media site.
    • You have the ability to save directly to your camera roll.
    • Retrica has many more filters than you would expect with another camera app


  • • The process of taking photos with retrica is a bit longer.
    • Video can be choppy at times.
    • Saving photos to your phone can be tricky.

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