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Racemasters – Crash of Cars

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This is a brand new Arcade Racing game which supports both, iOS and Android operating system. Whether you are an Android user or an iOS user, you can download this game from your play stores without any problems.

In this game, you are driving a car and the police is after you. You have to escape from the police cars and other chasers as well.

You get various powers and weapons, with those weapons you can blast the cars of your opponents to decrease the difficulty you will have with a lot of chasers.

Speed up your car in this death race which is awaiting you on your Android and iOS phone. Speed up your car and escape the police pursuit.

You get several weapons, like rockets, bombs, and other weapons to destroy the police cars and other chasers. Apply the rockets, throw the bombs at them.

You can challenge other racers as well, and try to get to the finish line first among all of them to claim a prize.

You can also purchase different models of cars in-game and even modify upgrade them.

Racemasters: Clash of Cars Mod Apk

With the modified apk version of this game you get following secret benefits:

  • The number of crystals increases when you buy chests in-game
  • The number of the coin increases with the improvement of cards
  • It has the ability to make the bots(police cars and other chasers) stupid

There are several websites providing these modified apk versions of this game. Search it on Google and have fun!

Features of Racemasters: Clash of Cars

  • This game has bright and colorful graphics
  • You can purchase different cars
  • It has unique upgrades for your cars
  • You can challenge and play with your friends

Download Here: Click Here

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