[Quick Guide] How To Check PTCL Speed Test

Here I am going to make a simple guide for you to know about How To Check PTCL Speed Test that is why today I have selected PTCL Speed Test topic for you.

About PTCL

ptcl speed test

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited, commonly known as PTCL. It is the largest integrated Information Communication Technology (ICT) company of Pakistan. PTCL is the national telecommunication company of Pakistan.

PTCL had a  humble start from a telephone and telegraph department in 1947. It has evolved to offer latest digital and telecommunication technologies today.

PTCL provides telephone and internet services nationwide and is the backbone for the country’s telecommunication infrastructure despite the arrival of a dozen other telecommunication corporations, including Telenor GSM and China Mobile.

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With the largest fixed line network of the country.

PTCL offers products and services

PTCL offers products and services like

  • High-speed Broadband internet.
  • CharJi wireless internet.
  • Smart TV (IPTV) service.
  • Over the top (OTT) applications like Smart Link App.
  • Smart TV App.
  • Touch App.

And world-class digital content like Netflix, iflix, and influx.

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The corporation manages and operates around 2000 telephone exchanges across the country. Providing the largest fixed-line network. Data and backbone services such as GSM, HSPA+, CDMA, LTE, broadband internet, IPTV and wholesale are an increasing part of its business.


ptcl speed test

PTCL Speed Test Tool is a free internet tool to check your PTCL connection speed. This tool of PTCL Speed Test works with different nodes. That is located in the networks of the different operators.

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With this tool, you can measure the quality of your Internet connection. Much more correctly compared to other speed test tools.

Also, remember some instructions to run the PTCL speed test. It is essential that you close all programs that consume bandwidth. In this case, you will get the actual downloading and uploading speed.

They also recommend that if you want the better results then make a cable connection of your device with the PTCL modem.

PTCL Speed Test

ptcl speed test

Done with all this? Now follow these steps:

  • Visit the PTCL Speed Test website and click the button “Start” on the webpage.
  • Wait for it to analyze the connection speed and everything.
  • A user-friendly report will be formed and displayed to you. It will show downloading and uploading speed of your PTCL connection. The report will be in graphical presentation. The speed will measure in Kilobits per second or Megabits.

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