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If you have always begged your parents to let you have a pet, but they never did, then this game is your chance to look after one.

This game teaches responsibility to children, and it gives them a pet they can love. This game is for children, but adults can play as well.

In Pou MOD APK, you have to  adopt a real alien, and shower it with love and affection. Children have to bathe it, take it for walks, play different games wit it, earn money and then add things to the wardrobe.

You can buy various furniture items for the comfort of the alien, and its food.

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This game allows you to decide what you want to feed your pet, and how you want to look after him. There are various games that you can play with your pet. This way, your pet and you both don’t get bored.

When you play games in the game room, you can collect coins, which you can later use to buy different things. Making purchases will add to the uniqueness of your pet.

There is an online mode in Pou MOD APK, which allows you to share your pet with your friends. You will find different potions in every game, which will let you set the pace for Pou’s functions.

This game allows you to make your own potions for your pet, and it is a very interesting feature of this game.

The best part is that you can actually talk to your pet. If you want your pet to repeat what you say, then simply speak to him. Pou has a quirky voice, and you and your friends can have a fun time with him.

These cool features set this game apart from Talking Time 2 and other games. The Pou MOD APK provides you with unlimited coins, so that you can buy anything you want to.

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