How To Post Feed Footer in Blogger?

A “post feed footer” is exactly as it sounds: a message that appears at the end of each post on any feed linked to your site. How To Post Feed Footer in Blogger? For example, say you want to include a signature image or a link to your blog’s home page with every post to your feed. You would type this information either using plain text or HTML code in the text box provided inside your settings menu. This information will now appear at the end of every post published from your account to your feed.

you’ll give a redirect URL for your feed. Copy this web address, and paste it into the text box located directly above the post feed footer box inside the Site Feed section. Next, select “Post Feed Footer in Blogger” from the “Allow Blog Feeds” drop-down box at the top of the Site Feed section.

Post Feed Footer in Blogger

Post Feed Footer in Blogger

With the post template, whatever you type into this box will be used to create a template for all your future blog posts, so you could type in a text or Post Feed Footer in Blogger signature that would publish at the end of each and every published post. This content will not publish to your feed, so if you want to include that signature or any other information included in that template you’ll have to copy it and paste it into the post feed footer text box. After you sign up, you can choose your own web address which will end in “Post Feed Footer in Blogger” and design, write and publish your own blog. One of Blogger’s features is the Post Feed Footer, which you use if you publish your Blogger blog on a Post Feed Footer in Blogger.

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