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Hey! we would like to distribute the place of our smartphone to Police VS Prisoner Mod and it will have been working on it very fastly. The game is able to work on any smartphone but it must be accepted to keep on the Android  and would not be liked to use on iPhone mobile because it is a policy and terms to do as the play store said in their own line. Police VS Prisoner Mod will have worked fine as the required share.

Unknown truth hides behind the sin. Find and understand the truth of the matter here. Escape here and expose all the facts! No longer a scapegoat! In order to survive, fight in Police VS Prisoner Mod!

Police VS Prisoner Mod

First of all, we need to fine our enemies and then we will have to start the fire to them. The enemy will not get it easily because Police VS Prisoner Mod may have to fine you whensoever you have to play.

You can control the booms and guns bullets accordance with walking area and distance get but the game you have to keep the points of levels then it can complete the levels.

You can change the dress in Police VS Prisoner Mod.


  • A lot of challenging systems in the prison:
  • There are layers of blocking in the game, whether you can successfully escape again and again with high IQ! There are unlocked levels in the game, guess numbers, puzzles, etc. to test your ability! Come and try!
  • You can choose whether to fight in front or to avoid it according to your own preferences, as long as you can live to reach the goal! Remember, you only have a chance to escape if you are alive!
  • Relatively free operation:
  • You can do whatever you want to accomplish before you complete your mission goals! High degree of freedom, no restrictions!
  • The game screen is exquisite, the action is realistic and smooth, and the scene is realistic, letting you feel the pressure of real prison!
  • Game levels are rich:
  • Dozens of levels are waiting for you to challenge here. Every time you pass a level, you are one step closer to the truth. Can you find the final truth and see your ability!
  • Diverse skills in the game:
  • There is a unique skill system in the game, each skill has a unique upgrade systemto make yourself stronger!
  • Rich in-game items:
  • There are all kinds of weapon props, as well as a variety of auxiliary props to increase your combat power!
Police VS Prisoner

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I know the game can run on any smartphone but it doesn’t mean that you can download it today.

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Disclaimer: This post is not for advertising I mean I didn’t get any money from the developer to write on it I just wanna inform you to know and understand benefits and definiteness.


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