Get ready to experience. [ Pixel Experience Substratum Mod APK ] Pixel Experience is a clean light theme with all kinds of excellent features whereas the user you get to choose your own experience. Want center or left clock? No problem we can do that (V30 & G6). No root has required! You will, however, need access to a computer to get started. Pixel Experience Substratum Mod APK is the first and only theme for the LG V30, G6 & G7 running Oreo only!!! Nougat has not supported!!!

Wallpapers used in screenshots available via Google Wallpapers app! I’ve included the ability to keep the Pixel Experience Substratum Mod APK and maintain adaptive icons for your stock launcher and some apps have an option to choose a custom adaptive icon.

I’ll add later and only did a few that bugged me like the ugly Pixel Experience Substratum Mod APK settings icon. For these to change sometimes you have to go into the settings app and change the adaptive shape and then they will take effect. That’s just how the LG home launcher works.

Pixel Experience Substratum Mod APK

Now for the important part. Applying the overlays.

First I recommend disabling any LG themes applied and reverting back to the stock theme. The two can coexist but Pixel Experience Substratum Mod APK has not advised and if you have an LG theme applied and then apply any substratum mods, and then just go back into the LG theme chooser app it can disable all substratum mods and reapply your LG theme again which is a bit of a pain.

I found that the “build and apply” option doesn’t always work well with LG. Pixel Experience Substratum Mod APK can cause substratum to freeze on occasion and can break connectivity with Andromeda as well. It doesn’t happen every time but I found through extensive testing the best way is to use “build and update” even if it is your first time installing the overlay.

When applying the “Pixel Experience Substratum Mod APK” overlay a reboot will be required for everything to take full effect. Keep in mind rebooting also kills Andromeda so you’ll have to reconnect to it if you want to apply anything else.


Pixel Experience Substratum Mod APK Pixel Experience Substratum Mod APK Pixel Experience Substratum Mod APKDownload Pixel Experience Substratum Mod APK

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