List of All PGSharp Activation Keys TXT File Download

PGSharp Activation Keys

PGSharp is a modified version of the popular Pokemon Go game that allows players to access additional features not found in the original app. To use PGSharp, players need to obtain an activation key that allows them to unlock the full features of the app. One way to obtain activation keys is through a TXT file that contains a list of valid keys.

This file can be downloaded from various online sources and can provide users with a quick and easy way to activate PGSharp free key without having to go through the registration process.

However, it is important to note that using activation keys from unauthorized sources can be illegal and may expose users to potential security risks, such as malware or viruses. It is recommended that users only obtain activation keys from reputable sources and follow all applicable laws and regulations.

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List of All PGSharp Activation Keys TXT File Download 2023

PGSharp Information Description External Links
Developer PGSharp Website
Initial Release Date 2020 PGSharp APKPure
Latest Release Date February 2021 APKPure
Platforms Android Google Play
Type Pokemon Go spoofing app PGSharp website
Features Spoof GPS location, joystick controls, automatic movement, teleportation, catch Pokemon and collect items, hatch eggs, trade Pokemon, participate in raids and battles, without leaving home Features
Plans and Pricing 1-month license, 3-month license, 6-month license PGSharp Plans and Pricing
Free Trial 1-hour free trial available Free Trial
Reviews PGSharp has received mixed reviews for its ability to spoof GPS location and provide access to features of Pokemon Go, but it has also faced criticism for violating the terms of service of the game and leading to account bans. PGSharp Reviews

Pokémon GO can use your GPS device to locate your location. So technically you can change the location of detected Pokémon GO by changing the GPS position of your device.

However, with a tool like the PGSharp license key, no malicious activity will be detected. PGSharp is also very easy to install and use. It also works on both root and non-root.

PGSharp Activation Keys 2023

Activation Key TXT File

  • 3360D22C-FEB1-4129-9D6A-4E5FA7E0A981
  • B04437FA-AFBF-4CCD-A202-9A56B707AB62
  • 963E3FE2-CCE5-4172-8A44-D7898657F900
  • AC87EC5C-2204-434E-88D8-AA7754C290CA
  • A2EE7705-447E-486A-9891-C243FAD74F1B


2022 Key TXT File

  • B04437FA-AFBF-4CCD-A202-9A56B707AB62
  • 963E3FE2-CCE5-4172-8A44-D7898657F900
  • AC87EC5C-2204-434E-88D8-AA7754C290CA

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How does PGSharp work in Pokémon GO?

You can use PGSharp right from your Android phone to spoof your site without having to log into a computer. PGSharp uses longitude, latitude, accuracy, speed, and altitude to ensure that the location chosen is as accurate as possible.

Below is an assessment of the main features.

  • You don’t need to configure any other bogus apps using PGSharp.
  • It also comes with a fake GPS joystick to simulate GPS movement very easily.
  • The automatic walking method makes it very easy to hatch eggs.
  • It allows you to adjust your walking speed so that you can adjust your behavior quickly.
  • You can use it to instantly send your GPS device anywhere in the world.
  • Just download and install PGSharp on your smartphone and run it in the background while playing Pokémon GO.
  • In Pokémon GO, you get a virtual joystick that allows you to easily capture Pokémon without having to visit one location by moving your avatar to multiple locations.

While catching Pokémon, PGSharp will spoof your location in the background on demand. However, this is something AR game developers dislike and can be limited by AR games like Pokémon GO.

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