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Amazing app, I purchased it to originally just mirror my screen but it has so much more. PC Remote VIP Mod apk and I would absolutely recommend! One thing I would VERY MUCH appreciate is a screen resolution customize within the app because I have a Samsung Galaxy S9+ and it stretches the picture out to fit the phone screen, which is slightly wider than a normal resolution. I tried the resolution settings in the app but it didn’t help my issue.


I have you to play this game with a short time even you’ve been doing school work since morning PC Remote VIP Mod apk.


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I wish you could use words to fix the problems in the scene like when he goes to the bathroom and the window and the bulb ect is broken and u have to fix what’s wrong before times out.


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  • Good graphics.
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Fun game, great time killer. Easy then it gets challenging allowing you to get used to the controls. I say it’s a great download if you wanna have something to play on the road or just because of PC Remote VIP Mod apk.