PayPal App For Android Keep Connect your Bank

If you are looking around to pay your invoices via PayPal then you should read rest.

As you know that PayPal operating a worldwide online payment system, you can transfer your money, can get your money in your bank, or can do any service via PayPal. PayPal App is available now in Pakistan also and providing us so many services. I use word Pakistan just for some issues are Pakistani handling with it but the PayPal Android App is available worldwide.

Here I’m about to tell you that how you can work on PayPal Android App.

Send Money in Seconds via PayPal

You just need to download PayPal App from Google Play, install it and Sing in.

Keep remember, give all needed info like your first and last legal name which you added to your Payoneer account give all info legal like your Bank code Account number and click on Sign In.

You can send your monies or invoices through PayPal in over 100 countries by using just their phone number or email address.

Get Paid in Second via PayPal

Just send the message that you allow paying back to you, when Money arrives in your PayPal account you can use it in online uses or can withdraw it by click just a tap. Usually, it happens in seconds. PayPal service helps you to get your money with very ease method.

You just need to open App and tap your money and can do anything with your money.


Track your Payment with PayPal


When your all payment procedure has done with PayPal than PayPal gives you instantly a notification to keep track of it all.

You can find anything and everything you need, by just managing this Android App.

It is Secure and connected to your Bank Account…

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