[Quick Guide] How To Download Opera Mini for PC

Never heard of Opera Mini? Never used it before? No worries! I’ll let you know what Opera Mini is and how to download Opera Mini for PC or Laptop.

All About Opera Mini:

Having poor Wi-Fi connection is no problem if you have Opera Mini. Because it is a lightweight and safe browser that lets you surf the internet much faster even with poor Wi-Fi connection without wasting your data plan. It also blocks those annoying ads and lets you easily download or surf videos from social media.

Opera Software AS is the developer of this mobile web browser Opera Mini. It was first developed for Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Blackberry, Symbian and Bada. These versions are still maintained but not being developed anymore. Android and iOS versions are now being exclusively developed.

Opera Mini for PC
Opera Mini for PC

The initial release of Opera Mini took place on 10th, of August 2005, 14 years back from now.

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Opera Mini uses cloud acceleration and data compression technology. Its servers act as a proxy which compresses and renders the data of web pages before it sends it to the users. Because of this, web content loads faster.

Download Opera Mini for PC or Laptop

Opera Mini for PC
Opera Mini for PC

Are you one of those people who use PC or Laptop for internet surfing? No worries, Opera Mini is there for you as well! You can download the Opera Mini browser for PC and Laptop.

You can download it from the several software providing websites by simply searching ‘Opera Mini for PC’ on Google, and it will lead you to the links. Or you can go and visit its official website opera.com/computer to download the browser.

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Step 1. Click on ‘Download Opera‘ button there and wait for it to complete. Download from here

Step 2. Click on the setup and follow the instructions provided by the Installation wizard of Opera Mini Browser. They are easy to follow.

Step 3. Opera Mini will be successfully installed on your PC or Laptop. Enjoy. 🙂


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