[Simple Hint] How To Download OPERA MINI BETA

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About Opera Mini Beta:

If you want to try new upcoming features of Opera before they’re officially announced or introduced. Opera Mini Beta is a special version of Opera Mini where you can try these new features. This is one of the fastest internet surfing web browser you can ever find, and now you can try all the latest.

 Opera Mini 5.0 Beta Version

Download OPERA MINI 4
Download OPERA MINI 4

On 16th of August, 2009 Opera Software, the developers of Opera Browser introduced and released Opera Mini 5.0 Beta.

This version included tabbed browsing, a password manager, improved touch screen support and a new interface. With a visual Speed Dial similar to the one introduced by Opera Software in their desktop browser.

This beta version has the same characteristics as the original.

Generally speaking, a minimalist design, the use of Opera servers to load websites faster. A comprehensive analysis of the data you use and save.

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And the icing on the cake is now that you can try new improvements applied on the Opera 5.0 version before they are officially released.



Since 20 November 2009, there have been reports from Chinese users. Reports say that when the users use Opera Mini, they are redirected to an error.

That error leads them to download Opera Mini China version. This is almost certainly due to the Chinese government being concerned that users are using Opera Mini to bypass the Great Firewall of China.

Opera then agreed to route all of their traffic through government servers.

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On 3rd September 2014, Opera start taking registrations for the beta version of Opera Mini for Windows Phone. It was released for Windows Phone six days later, on 9th September 2014, as a beta version available for public.

Download OPERA MINI 4
Download OPERA MINI 4

You can download Opera Mini 5.0  Beta version for free easily from its an official website or from any software providing website.

Just simply search it on google and you’ll be provided with links to download Opera Mini 5.0 Beta. Hope you liked it.

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