[Quick Help] How To Download OPERA MINI 4

I’m going to describe about [Quick Help] How To Download OPERA MINI 4 for helping you in the case of Opera browser and it is easy to download nowadays.

All About Opera Mini 4

7th of November, 2007 is when Opera Mini 4 was introduced and released. According to Johan Schon, technical lead of Opera Mini development, the entire code was written again.

Opera Mini 4 browser with the comparison with Apple’s mobile browser:

Download OPERA MINI 4
Download OPERA MINI 4

Opera Mini 4 browser is said to be competing Apple’s mobile browser.

Available in a plethora of different handsets, including many Nokia, Sony Ericsson, and even Blackberry phone models. Opera Mini 4 browser is without any doubt the Opera’s best mobile browser till this date.

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It includes the ability to view web pages similarly as a desktop-based browser by introducing Overview and Zoom functions, and a landscape view setting. In overview mode, the user can scroll a zoomed-out version of the certain web page you have searched on this browser.

Using a built-in the pointer, the user can zoom in to a portion of the page to provide clearer view.

That means some text or content that is small in size and hard to observe with your eyes can be easily zoomed in.

Opera Mini 4 works similarly to Apple’s web browser used in iPhones. As much as it displays a complete overview of a full web page and even lets you zoom in and out with relative ease.

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This version also has the ability to synchronize with Opera on a personal computer.

Prior to Opera Mini 4, the browser was offered in two editions. “Opera Mini Advanced for high memory MIDP 2 phones and Opera Mini Basic for low memory MIDP 1 phones”.

Download OPERA MINI 4

Download OPERA MINI 4

Download From Here

Opera Mini 4 has replaced Opera Mini Advanced. Originally, the default search engine on Opera Mini was Google.

Then on 8 January 2007, Opera Software and Yahoo! had an agreement and partnership occurred between them to make Yahoo! search the default search engine.

Opera Mini 4 is one of the best mobile browsers ever made.

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If you want to browse the web on your mobile but hate the browser you’re currently using, try Opera Mini 4 for much greater mobile internet experience.

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