What are the Things you Need to Consider to Redesigning a Website?

The world today is strongly dependent on the Internet, and the main source through which the internet works smoothly is a good website. A person designing or developing the design, layout, and coding of such a website can be identified as a web designer.

Web design services can be availed from an individual or a company having a group of specialized people working together.

Nowadays, the profession of web designing has become very popular. The reason may be due to the day to day challenges it gives. One can find an infinite number of web design services New York as the talent has no end in proving itself.

A web designer has normally involved in the graphical as well as the technical aspects of the website. He/she has to take care of working on the website, its presentation.

Need to Consider to Redesigning a Website

A lot of maintenance is also required. Sometimes the circumstances demand a redesign of the website. A redesign of the website or modification of existing website means a change in the SEO rankings. A web designer has to be very careful when such an activity has to be done.

It is very difficult to create a certain ranking in SEO. So, a web designer will have to take certain precautions to avoid SEO disasters. There are three stages involved – pre-launch, during launch, and after the launch of the redesigned website.

Pre- Launch stage: Even before redesigning a website, the web designer has to take the following steps:

Need to Consider to Redesigning a Website

  • Set up goals: The reasons behind the choice for a redesign of the website may be due to user experience enhancements; new marketing initiatives to be made; change in Business needs; improvement of SEO rankings etc. Whatever the reason may be, to start anything, the setting of goals is a must. Only when you know what is required, you will be able to work to achieve it. A detailed plan has to be charted out from start to end. Every single step has to be planned in advance along with a backup plan in case the planned activity does not go well. This is a teamwork, and only when all of the coordinate, the plan will work out successfully.
  • Concentrate on the content of the website: A web designer has to keep in mind that SEO rankings depend on the content of the website or the information it is providing to the user. If the layout is good and the information provided is nil, then there is no point in all this hard work. A proper check has to be maintained for the level the SEO rankings are being given. So, when a redesign is planned, it has to be ensured not to bring down the existing content or information standards. The quality of the information provided enhances the SEO rankings. So, a web designer has to consider all aspects which will enhance the content or information to be presented in the redesign of the website. A proper framework of the information has to be designed along with required links which provide a detailed explanation to the content. Too many tags also will create a hassle as too many links may create trouble in working on the website. Even if one link does not work properly, it will disturb the flow.
  • Links: When a website is to be redesigned, proper planning has to be done with respect to the links that as to be reassigned to the new content. When the user clicks the link, and he/she does not get liked, it will irritate him/her.

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During the Launch stage: Once everything is ready, plan your redesigned version of website launching. The movement the website is launched; the user will always prefer everything to be perfect and does not give a second chance. This will have a direct effect on SEO rankings.

After the Launch stage: After the redesigned website is launched, the web designer has to be very careful and should ensure that the purpose of redesigning is achieved. He/she should also check whether the tags in the new content pages are tagged properly.

The links should get connected at the right time without wastage of time. In case a web designer finds any disturbance, he/she should ensure that the links are rectified immediately. Secondly, a thorough check of the content is necessary. It so happens that some content is lost while migrating from old site to new website.

No matter how effectively the web designer works, there are chances of such mishaps occurring. So, in such a case, necessary actions need to be taken by the web designer immediately to avoid further disturbance. Thirdly, regular monitoring of the SEO has to be done. As changes, i.e.

The decrease in SEO rankings may be due to wrong linking or wrong presentations. So, when such a thing is noticed during the first two months of post-launch, then the issue needs to be rectified. One of the main reasons to redesign the website is to improve the SEO rankings.

So, when the purpose is not solved, then the whole exercise will go waste. It is very important to give proper care of every review received after the launch.

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Any rectifications required needs to be done on priority. Even if the main goal was for business development or marketing initiations, SEO plays a major role. So, it is the main duty of web designer to ensure that due to the redesign of the website, the SEO rankings should not fall down and instead should show an increase in SEO rankings.

Wrapping up

It is a big task for a web designer to maintain a balance between the user experience levels, the SEO rankings through his/her web designing. There is no hard and fast rule that whatever designs are created; they will be appreciated by everyone.

A web designer has to judge what facilities he/she will be provided to the user, and at the same time, even SEO rankings are not affected adversely. At the end of the day, it is the SEO ranking for which everyone is working hard.

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