How to use MySMS Extension and Why?

MYSMS is an another way to be connected with your phone from your PC. MYSMS is an extension and app both are available and easy to use with Android tablet/phone, Apple iPad, Windows, Chrome. This is an easiest way to receive and send SMS from computer. Feel free to use MYSMS app or extension. In this post we will discuss about MYSMS’s feature and we will also learn how to use MYSMS extension. With screenshots? Yes!

Why use MYSMS?

It’s easy to say “busy” when someone needs you, But it’s painful to heard “busy” when you need someone. Missed a call? Missed a SMS? never miss anything with MYSMS. Did you know? MYSMS is available in 180 countries, has reached more than 1 million users and has synchronized 1 billion messages. There are lots of features of MYSMS that you’ll love. Seriously, MYSMS will save your time completely. If you are a busy person then it’s very important for you to save more time. Well I’m gonna introduce some features of this great tool. Hope you like.

  • Multi-device: With MYSMS, you can use the application on multiple number of devices, be it smartphone tablet or desktop. You can setup the application on all these devices, and the settings will be synchronized.
  • Synced with your phone: MYSMS uses your existing phone number and sends texts via your Android phone.
  • Safe & Secure: Obviously, Security is most important. Make sure that you and your content is completely secured from hackers. MYSMS is secured and safe to use.

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  • Notifications: It’s good to be alerted and notified. With MYSMS, whenever a call reaches your smartphone, get notified on your computer and tablet.
  • Free Text Messaging: As we know “Nothing is better than free food” Just like this also nothing is better than free text messaging, and MYSMS provides you a great feature named “Free text messaging” so with MYSMS”s this feature choose to send free messages to other MYSMS users or text via your carrier. Just like iMessage.
  • Customization: Well this feature is all about your style, by using MYSMS’s this feature you will be able to customize your MYSMS app with your favorite colors.

That’s all! These are the best features of MYSMS. If you want to be connected with all of your devices at a time, then I guess MYSMS is the best way to be connected. But, if you don’t like this then there is also an another tool. Click here to try another way.

How to use MYSMS:

  • Download MYSMS app on your android phone. and you will also need MYSMS extension for your desktop.
  • I’m telling you guys choose your Google account for a faster login.
  • Use your android phone number and create an account.
  • Upon registration, MYSMS will asks you to syncs all of your texts, calls, contacts to the clouds.
  • If you are an Apple iPhone user then there is also a way to use MYSMS mirror for iPhone.
  • Setup MYSMS on your computer.
  • Install MYSMS app in your tablet to send and receive SMS in your tablet with your existing Android Phone number.
  • Activate premium for a better experience.

I hope you just enjoyed my this post. Thanks for reading enjoy 🙂

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