If you have always liked working in a café, but never got the chance to, you should play My Cafe MOD APK.

This is a very addictive game, mainly because of its bakery and restaurant story features. The main chef, Chef Ann, opens a café, and she invites her guests for drinks and other bakery items.

When you download My Cafe MOD APK, then you get unlimited money.

This game’s story mode is really good because it shows unique characters and their meaningful relationships with each other. This is just not a cook and serves game, but you will be able to learn more about your regular customers at the café.

There are is coffee, fast food, hot drinks and pizza for the customers. You have to bake, bakery treats, and try out a special cooking recipe like Mojito Cupcake.




There are more than 200 decorative items, using which you can make your own coffee.

The main point of My Cafe MOD APK is to make a profit by serving customers. If you slow down, then that will be a risk because you won’t get any tips.

The game creators know that players want to engage with their game more. This is why they have introduced the customization option. You will be able to design your café in any way you want to.

You can even play this game with your friends from Facebook and visit their restaurants. When you visit their restaurants, then you can learn more about the things you should buy for your cafe, and how to decorate it better.

Download Link: Mod APK File

The bakery stories feature is very exciting, because you get to gossip with customers as well. You can interact with people, and learn about their life.

To make My Cafe MOD APK work, you need an Android version of 4.0. It is very easy to find this version on the internet.

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