Microsoft’s Surface Airbus vs. Air Pods

Microsoft’s Surface Airbus vs. Air Pods

Back in October, Microsoft decided to enter the wire-free Air bud market with the launch of the Surface Air buds, designed to compete with Apple’s Air Pods, Google’s Pixel Buds, and Samsung’s Galaxy Buds.

We’ve selected a pair of Microsoft’s Surface Air buds so you can check out this feature set and see how they measure up to Apple’s A-Air pods.

Microsoft’s Surface Airbus vs. Air Pods

Priced at $ 199, the superficial earbuds have a design that is … unique. An Air Pods style air piece that fits into the ear, as well as a circular exterior.

There is also a large and visible one, which is primarily designed for contact gestures. Surface earbuds are no less key, headphones are hard to see – obviously when you’re wearing them.

When it fits, superficial air buds are relatively comfortable. On the outside of the ear, the Air Pods rest comfortably, while the surface air buds are designed to fit a little deeper into the ear canal, although not as deep as the Air Pods Pro.

Surface air buds come with small, medium, and large tips, so most people should have a good fit. We’ve had trouble wearing them before, but after sitting for a few hours, we feel more comfortable wearing Surface Air buds.

The design of the Surface Air buds certainly looks a bit funky, but it’s functional due to the simple and efficient gesture set, which uses a large surface area of ​​each Air bud.


A double-tap pause / pauses the music, a swipe on the left air bud escape tracks, and a swipe on the right air bud controls the volume. ‌ Air Pods do not control the signal for volume; this is one of the major negatives when it comes to Air Pods gesture signals.

There’s also access to voice-based support and controls for answering/ending phone calls, as well as several of Microsoft’s apps that can take advantage of Surface Airbus gestures. For example, a triple tap opens the SPOTIFY app on an Android phone, or on Air bud.

Powerbeats Pro VS Airpods 2

On IOS, you can listen, delete, and reply to touch and voice emails using the Outlook app, and in PowerPoint, you can move slides, live titles, and subtitles. Enable titles, and translate what you’re saying. One of 60 languages.

The sound quality on the surface earbuds was not impressive at all. The lower end was disappointing and overall, there was a small quality in the music playback.

There is an app with the Surface Airbus for EQ adjustment, which helps to improve the sound to some extent. There is no active noise cancellation, so only the sound can be isolated by fitting surface air buds in the ear.

The Surface Airbus has a battery life of six to eight hours, which is extended to 24 hours, including the USB charging case, in which the rectangular design is reminiscent of a little coffin. The case comes with USB-C charging and does not involve wireless charging.

When paired with a Surface device or Windows 10 running Windows PC, which is designed to work with superficial earbuds, there is a soft pairing feature for fast pairing, but On IOS devices, connect via Bluetooth settings will be required.

Surface Air buds are fine if you plan to use them with a PC or Surface device, but there is no reason to take them if you plan to use them with Mac or iPhone because of the full feature set is limited to Windows. From a $ 199 price point of view, these are perfect for those who are in Microsoft’s ecosystem instead of Apple’s.

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