3 Reasons You Should Try Microsoft Edge Now

Microsoft Edge is the successor to Internet Explorer that comes with Windows 10. It is the default browser on Windows 10 operating systems, however, Edge’s arrival doesn’t mean there’s no IE in new OS. Internet Explorer is still there and working, however, Edge is the company’s browser that’s to be reliable in the long run. Microsoft claims its browser to be lightweight and modern and that stands true, so far. Internet Explorer has been one of the things wrong with Microsoft and browser market in general. IE is full of security vulnerabilities, complete lack of extensions’ framework, full of bugs and what not. So thank God, Microsoft Edge is here.

With Edge, the company puts an end to IE’s brand name, killing a 20-year-old tree.

Edge, apparently, is not what IE has been. I was full of security loopholes, backward compatible, was unnecessarily buggy and Edge is none of that. At least, not yet. Edge nee Spartan is fast, minimal and modern. It doesn’t support ActiveX and Browser Helper Objects, however, comes with a built-in reading mode, annotation tools, and Cortana integrated.

With the type of repo IE had gained over years of making a mess and bugging millions of users, it’s understandable if you’re reluctant to try Edge. You might be afraid just I was of all the old days’ IE errors and not want to try Edge. However here are 5 reasons Edge is worth a shot.

Reading mode

Sure enough, Chrome and Firefox have third-party extensions like Evernote Clearly for reading mode capability. However, the addition of reading mode as a built-in capability is worth it. Plus, Edge’s reading mode is far more uncluttered than the one Clearly offers.

The basic premise behind reading mode is typically to provide an uncluttered experience to users. If you’re into reading a good deal of articles online, this feature might be further tempting. Reading mode removes all advertisements, graphics and gives you just what you need: content. Further to make the most of reading mode, it has been integrated with the reading list (soon to be discussed).

To use reading mode, just click book like icon located to the right side of the address bar.

Microsoft Edge

It’s fast

Of course, Microsoft Edge and the factor that matters more than others when choosing a browser is speed. Unlike Internet Explorer’s snail pace, Edge is blazingly fast! The reason Chrome has slowly been dominating the browser market share is that of its performance. However, extensions may slow it down.

Microsoft claims that Edge is now the fastest browser in the market. In a blog post, they claim Edge to be beating Chrome and Safari in their own JavaScript benchmarks. Performance, undoubtedly, the predominant reason most people disliked IE. IE’s successor apparently solves that problem. According to the company, Edge is 112%, 11% and 37% faster than Chrome on Webkit Sunspider, Google Octane, and Apple Jetstream respectively.


Clutter-free included in Microsoft Edge

The most apparent of reasons to choose Edge is its clutter-free interface. It’s so minimal that it kinda beats Chrome in terms of interface. I was unnecessarily full of clutter, meaningless complexities, and annoying dialogs. Edge has none of that.



The only thing that might hold you back from even trying Edge is its lack of extensions’ system. We have become so accustomed to using extensions/addons that it’s hard to imagine a world without them. Kind of. Although Microsoft has said that their Edge will be capable of installing Chrome extensions with little code modifications, it’s unclear yet.

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