How to Manage Chrome Extensions without Leaving Current Page

Manage Chrome Extensions is probably the best web browser as of now, right? It’s fast, minimal and user-friendly. However what if I told you this was not the greatest reason most people stick with Chrome? Of course, nobody likes Chrome’s bad habit of hogging so freaking memory (RAM), but then why stick with it? Because of extensions. Browser’s diverse library of extensions gives it an edge over its competitors. Sure enough, Firefox has a large fanbase and similar library of addons, why it’s not cutting it yet then? Purely Chrome Webstore is way more popular than Firefoxes.

A peek across Chrome website will find you extensions for petty tasks like shortening links to a large one like managing smartphone from the browser. Among many such extensions is One-Click Extension Manager. It’s pretty effective at its objective: It makes managing extensions fast and easy. Once you have it installed, you can manage all the extensions without having to leave the page you’re currently on. Let’s dive in.

How does Manage Chrome Extensions work?

  • Install One-Click Extension Manager.
  • You shoulda new icon. Try clicking it, you should something similar to mine:
  • chrome extension
  • To enable an extension, click it.
  • To disable an extension, click it.
  • Clicking “Disable all extensions” will disable all extensions.
  • Got too many ext. installed? Use the search box.

Have fun: One-Click Extension Manager

I’d share new tricks about manage chrome extensions for working on it, but unfortunately, I did not complete that. I’ve been trying to include more words for you and never discuss like the other way even I’ve taken this topic.

I might manage chrome extension is able to control all ways those are you wanting or will be needing more over.

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