How to download Magic Tiles 3 MOD APK for Android

If you like musical arcade games, then you will love the modern version of it. This game gives you the chance to play the role of a pianist, guitarist or drummer. Initially, you can choose one musical instrument, but when you reach travel, you can try your hands on any instrument. 

You can get this game from Google Play Store, or look for the APK version online. You will easily find it and can install it within seconds. It is a free game, which is why so many people have downloaded it and love to play it.

Leader board

The leader board is the motivating feature of the game, which keeps a player interested. If someone wants to be the king in the game, then he has to show his best moves and game. You can play with your friends and compete with them, and for this, you don’t have to pay for anything. 

When you are playing the piano, for example, you have to keep on touching the black piano keys and avoid the white piano keys. The black keys create music, and it will give you sweet music in return. The speed of the keys appearing in front of your eyes, increases, and this is the challenging factor. You can’t miss a black key, because the song will end right away. 

Battle Mode 

Magic Tiles 3 MOD APK

Magic Tiles 3 MOD APK

The battle mode helps you fight with people from all around the world. You can show your talent to other people, and see their talent. If you don’t have any friends playing this game, then the game custom matches you with other people. Magic Tiles 3 has weekly tournaments, to keep the game interesting and competitive and there are many attractive rewards you can win. 

The user interface of the game is simple, and so are the graphics. The main focus of the game is to give you a delightful music experience. The background is simple, making it easier for the players to focus. If you like music and want to play different instruments without spending any money, then this is the game for you.


The user interface of the game is pretty easy, which is why gamers who are interested in music, like to play this game. You don’t have to have any technical knowledge to understand this game, and just with one touch, you can start playing right away. Games, which don’t require much technical knowledge, get more support from a large audience. 

Another interesting feature of this game is that you won’t find the same tune over and over. There is a huge collection of music tunes, taken from all over the world.

This way, at every stage you will find something new to play and won’t get bored at all. The APK version gives you unlimited coins, and with them, you can buy your favorite song. You have to play against the arm of the clock and if you accomplish this objective, and then you can easily top the leader board. 

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