Maestria MOD APK for Android

To begin with, how about we get something off the beaten path Maestria MOD APK takes after that of Monument Valley. It’s significantly comparable.

However, that is the main thing that is comparable of the Maestria MOD APK. The entire ongoing interaction and astound mechanics are totally unique. In the game, you play as Fugue, a melodic superhuman (?).

Your main goal is to bring back congruity to the world and it very well may be finished by ringing chimes. Unusual idea, we know. Be that as it may, it’s amazing and is sufficiently troublesome to make you think carefully.

The Game Play Maestria MOD APK

There are 160 levels and in each level Maestria MOD APK. You get not many chimes which you need to ring. Prior to the beginning of each level. You get a beat or a request where you need to ring the chimes to clear the level.

To make things somewhat more straightforward Maestria MOD APK. You can move Fugue around and in certain levels. You can move the chimes as well. When you are finish organizing everything.

And are certain you have discovered the right request to play the sound. Tap on Fugue and he (she?) will discharge a sound wave. From the wand and chimes will start to ring as this sound wave goes through them. Play the sound in offered cadence to clear the level Maestria MOD APK.

Maestria MOD APK on Android

Maestria has been accessible on Android since a year ago. Be that as it may, it was a paid application in those days. It used to accompany an expense of $2 and had no In-App Purchase.

As of late it went free. We think it either implies In-App Purchases are going to be present or further improvement of this game has halt.

Anyway, Maestria is extremely marvelous and you should attempt. It regardless of whether the further advancement has halted.

Creator of Maestria MOD APK

Maestria was made by autonomous French game creator Antoine Latour. He is a twenty-multi year old game creator living in Strasbourg, France. On his site, he playfully, or possibly not facetiously says, “He made Maestria in the expectation of making frantic stacks.

Getting well known, discovering genuine romance, and to take a break on Sundays. He accomplished 25% of these objectives.” I like his comical inclination as of now. And considerably more, his game structure is very noteworthy.

Maestria MOD APK

Maestria MOD APK

Maestria MOD APK

Maestria MOD APK is a premium-estimated game. So a great deal you can inhale simpler. There is not a single IAP in sight in this game. It will cost you $2.00 to download and that is it! Additionally, it is flaunting 160 levels.

And that should keep you scratching your cerebrum for a long while. In the trailer to the game, we see the fascinating repairman of adjusting the ringers in a specific request.

With the goal that they can make the correct succession of sound. We like how this is set up, and it truly feels like a riddle game. And the missions are inside and out various.

The universes are luxuriously itemized. And the design that Monument Valley so mainstream.Sparkles again here. As an autonomous game engineer.

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