Mad Skills Motocross 2 MOD APK

Car racing is one thing, but if you like riding a bike, and want to show off your skills, then this is the game for you. It has amazing 3D graphics, and the main goal in this game is to defeat the opponent.

However, it is not easy, because you will have to face many obstacles the whole way. There will be irregularities and springboards, but this is the fun that Mad Skills Motocross 2 MOD APK promises!

The way bikes respond in this game is really something that you will love. They are faster and addictive. There are 8 different bikes, with different handles and speed; if you want to defeat your friends, then get the fastest bike.

Mad Skills Motocross 2 MOD APK

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You can play with other people by choosing them at random, or choosing a friend. If you want to have a competition with them, then pick a track and do your best lap.

The competition here is that, your friend has to do better than our lap in two minutes. If you win, then you will add score to your statistics, and earn some goods as well.

There are so many tracks in Mad Skills Motocross 2 MOD APK from which you can choose. You have to beat the Ace, if you want to unlock even more tracks. If you have conquered all the tracks, then you can try to defeat everyone else playing the game. The key here is to show off your mad riding skills, and winning each and every competition.

The creators of the game know that people become bored, if they are not challenged enough. This is why, there are weekly online competitions, which pits two players against each other, on new tracks.

Download MOD APK File: Mad Skills Motocross 2 MOD APK

In Mad Skills Motocross 2 MOD APK you can customize your biker and rider’s gear. You can even add a bike number to the number plate.


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