Lost Island Mod APK for Android/iOS

Lost Island Mod APK for Android/iOS

A very good day to all of you reading this review of mine but a special good day to all the people who love puzzle and adventure games. I have one great adventure and puzzle game for you today, namely “Lost Island”. So, without any further wait, let’s review it.

Lost Island: Blast Adventure is no doubt an amazing and very addictive puzzle game. In this game, you will have to control a character who has just bought an Island that is totally full of treasures that have never.

The gameplay of Lost Island: Blast Adventure starts as you are by Ellie as you arrive at the island of yours. Ellie is an archeologist, she is here to help you in getting on this island and will help you in finding that treasure which is said to be of various old civilizations that in this island a long time ago.

This game is full of adventure, if you love adventure games then this is probably going to be one of the best adventure games you have ever.

Whenever you move to a new place, the first you do is to settle down, right? The same goes for this game/ You will to fix, decorate and build up your house, renovate your house and build anything you want to settle on this island, such as a swimming pool, and place some good and beautiful plants in the garden.

Lost Island Mod APK for Android/iOS

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After you are done with the repairing, building and settling in on this island, you will be able to start checking out the area around on this island to discover all the hidden treasure that is within this island of yours.

In order to discover and achieve all of this hidden treasure, you must have to resolve some puzzles and this is where the real fun begins.

This Lost Island: Blast Adventure game is actually a combination of the match 3 games and adventure games because the gaming mechanics of the puzzles in this game are very similar to the games which come in the category of “match 3” games.

Features of Lost Island: Blast Adventure

  • You get to play exciting Match 3 Blast puzzles with fun boosters and lots of intricate levels
  • You get to build, design and decorate gardens, villas, beaches, jungles, swimming pools, houses, and more things
  • Go on to the adventure outing through the whole island and get to know about the actual story and background of the ancient inhabitants of this island you have bought
  • You will meet new friends on this journey which is full of adventures, help these new friends in fulfilling their dreams
  • Build and decorate your villa on this island as best as you can
  • Partner up with Ellie, she will assist you in finding the hidden treasure and in your journey.

These were just some of the features from this game, they are impressive, right? So, what are you waiting for? Download the APK of Lost Island: Blast Adventure from Google and find out the rest of the features of this game.

Be aware of the scam websites, there are many and safe websites available, download this game from those websites and enjoy

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