Linux has got significant computing boost on Windows 10

Linux has got significant computing boost on Windows 10

Microsoft is adding support for GPU hardware acceleration as well as Linux GUI apps.

Running Linux on Windows 10 is going to be much easier as Microsoft is making a number of improvements to its Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), including GUI app support and GUI hardware acceleration.

Later this month, the software giant will add a full Linux kernel to Windows 10 with the release of version 2 of WSL, and now the company also plans to support Linux GUI apps, which are regular Windows apps. Can go along

Windows clients will no longer need to utilize X11 sending to run Linux GUI applications, although the fact that the update is basically intended for designers who need to work with Windows in the Linux Integrated Development Environment (IDE). Need to run.

GPU hardware speeding up

Running Linux GUI apps within Linux can only be done through a third-party X server, although poor graphics performance has always been an issue. However, Windows 10 will soon have more support for GPU hardware acceleration with Linux tools. This will be especially useful for developers working with parallel counting or training machine learning or AI models.

In a blog post, led by a partner engineer at Microsoft, Steve PRONOVIST gave more details on quickening GPU hardware in Windows, saying: “Applications running in the Linux condition have the same access to the GPU as DESI applications on Windows.

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There is no limit to the number of resources that can have shared between Linux and Windows or on Linux applications. Sharing is completely dynamic based on who needs it. There is basically no difference between two Windows applications sharing one GPU versus Linux and Windows application sharing the same GPU. If the Linux application is alone in the GPU, it can use all its resources.

Media Creation Tool Windows 10
Media Creation Tool Windows 10

Microsoft plans to share extra details when the Linux GUI application will be accessible, not long for now, although Windows 10 insiders in Fast Color will test GPU hardware spending in the next few months. Will have the option to

Exchanging among Windows and Linux can be a weight for engineers, which is the reason Microsoft is giving them all the tools and highlights they have to run both operating systems at the same time.

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8 Easy Ways to Accelerate Windows 10

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  2. No special effect. …
  3. Disable start programs. …
  4. Find the problem (and fix it). …
  5. Reduce the boot menu timeout. …
  6. No tips. …
  7. Run Disk Cleanup …
  8. Eliminate Bluetooth.

8 Tips and Tricks to Improve PC Performance on Windows 10

  1. Disable startup apps.
  2. Disable relaunching apps at startup.
  3. Disable background apps.
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  5. Only install good quality apps.
  6. Reclaim hard drive space.
  7. Run the defragmentation tool.
  8. Enable Ready Boost.


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