Launcher For iPhone 7 & Plus App (Every Mobile)

Hi, Guys! In this post, I am glad to write about Launcher For iPhone 7 & Plus App so you are ready to get new information and how does it work on Mobile? How to customize and get the friendly new design of your mobiles maybe lets start.

First of all, I am going to tell about Let’s Begin.

How Does Launcher For iPhone 7 & Plus Work on Mobile

Still waiting for the new update but I would be shared new info that you don’t know, first of all, you may download this and install on your Mobile, and go to the function from setting.

  • The must imported requirements from setting area.
  • Go there and see the Launcher For iPhone 7 & Plus theme, I hope you will see.
  • Click on the application icon.
  • Then Show the new setup click always.
  • The application will apply on your Mobile and show the new design on it.

*Great except for a few things I’d like the developer to address* when entering a folder while using one of your own wallpapers that don’t come with the app, there is a strange box thing in the background of the folder this really.

That would make this launcher more accurate. Also, a suggestion, could you add the app opening animation such as on the weather app that comes with the app.

How to customize and get the friendly new design

When the new design show suddenly on mobile the mobile will show as related iPhone can’t believe on it and the interest will be going high to get new things to improve the mobile design no need to take the iPhone Mobile while it be work as related now, secondly Mobile should be needed more space to take this application on it and still working while it was not doing same as it after that’s Why mobile will get unresponding to you and you can’t wait for any more.

  • No need to get more things just a place.
  • Still not be working but when you will go to remove it, the Mobile will be working same as it before.
  • Autorotates to a wide mode sometimes when first unlocking your device that causes a major lag before returning back to normal. As a free app, this would do for now.

Is Launcher For iPhone 7 & Plus Not working on Lenovo Mobile?

Also would be great if it had an option to customize all the icons so we can download our own packs. Not all icons look like iOS at the moment and it ruins the effect.

That’s Why this application will not work on Lenovo Mobile, but I will try to give new info that will help to work on Lenovo.


  • Simple, lightweight
  • Deleting apps and moving apps around is much easier.
  • Customizable home screen with lots a theme options.
  • Smart widgets, Effects, Flexible theme options.
  • More surprises which you will find in one launcher. More features on the way.
    Hope you like it.

Screenshots To See The New Result How Launcher For iPhone 7 & Plus Look And Download Both in One?

[appbox googleplay id=com.launcher.iphone7plus screenshots]


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