LAB Escape Mod APK + Free Shopping for Android

LAB Escape

This game is a very fun and simple game. Lab escape mod apk, you control the mutant creature to eat and block your flesh and collect gold coins on the road. After you have eaten enough meat, you can choose the direction of the mutation to make yourself stronger and escape further. The variation of the same direction in each variation can select 3 times

Lab Escape is a game which is based on a little specimen which is unstable thingy captured by the scientist. LAB Escape Mod APK consumes meats, selects random Mutations, and Devour all bad guys in its sight.

lab escape mod apk

Every time it gains meat, it can select mutations to make the specimen stronger. Roguelike style running game with dynamic mutation features.

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Every mutation cards can stack up to 3 times for better effects. Collect Set of hats to enhance your specimen.

LAB Escape MOD:

LAB Escape Mod contains the feature of ‘Free Shopping’. Devour enemies to acquire new types of mutations. In this strange application from creators of Ahri RPG, you are waiting for a real struggle for survival. Driving a certain creature, you need to get out of the laboratory and find freedom.


The creature in this game is tired of constant experimentation and wants to know what a normal life outside this institution is. But it is quite difficult to do this because guards and other creatures will stand and block your way.

lab escape mod apk

To pass all the tests, you need to eat them. Eating them will be increasing the stock of health. Gradually, you will discover new mutations with which the monster will become powerful and invincible.

With this Mod APK, you can shop for free as this mod contains free shopping feature. You can get this mod apk for this game on Google easily. Just search it and you will get all the links. Enjoy!

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