How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Viber

Here on this page, we’ll learn How can I know if someone blocked you on Viber let’s talk about it. First of all, you need to something about Viber.

Viber is similar to WhatsApp it is very popular in certain circles. Here on Viber you can talk to everyone and spend your time fresh your mind with friends and lovers.

As I told above that it is similar to some apps And also offers all benefits of those other two apps with some extras.

It has millions of userbase from all over the world and free, easy app, It can make short work of all actions that you’re most likely to need.

Viber has all the usual tools for managing interactions online and you can also use it let me give you an example.

As you know, It is a social app, you will have all the usual social elements for managing including expectations, toxicity, and the strange behavior that some people cant take when online.

Know if someone blocked you on Viber

Let’s see How you can Know if someone blocked you on Viber.

Below we have some main points to check.

Person’s Status or Profile Picture

If you can’t see his/her activity such as a status and Profile picture that means his/her has blocked you. This is a straightforward way to know if someone blocked you on Viber.

Try to Check His/Her Status in Group Chat

By using this, you need to check the status of his/her in the group chat. How should you do that? Well, just follow the below steps:

  • Go to your Viber group chat.
  • Looking for his/her you suspected. When you have found.
  • Send a message to his/her.
  • Check to see if your message was seen after some hours or not.
  • if the person is active in the group. he is replying to their messages but not yours, you have been blocked.

Send a Message from Another Viber Number

Now in a third way, You need to get someone help who has a Viber number. If you don’t want to get anyone’s help then you can also create your own second number on Viber. It always works.

  • Once you have created a new number, then send a new message in a different type.
  • Now check if the message that you sent has “seen” marked or still not.
  • If a person sees a message and replies to you that means you have been blocked.

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