Download Knife Fruit Master Mod APK, Unlimited Money, Updated

Hello guys! I’ve brought to you with a new post which is on Knife Fruit Master mod APK and you can download in it. First of all, I’ve to write the introduce about Knife Fruit Master mod APK.

The ACE play has developed (Knife Fruit Master). He would make it easier as he can. The ACE play does not want to upload any fake application and other. Play the Knife Fruit Master mod APK for free.

The Knife Fruit Master

Welcome to Knife Fruit Master mod APK. Your objective: become a master of slicing fruit! Unsheathe your blade and start the juicy carnage with the two game modes: Time & Endless. Throw the knives to hit the fruits. Slash them and unlock new knives. Be careful to not hit the bombs. Time your actions, target carefully and become the Knife Fruit Master mod APK!

You can manage the knife in Knife Fruit Master mod APK.

Also, control all options.

Let’s know the features.

Knife Fruit Master


  • leaderboard with Knife Fruit Master mod APK.
  • Coming soon more new features in it.
  • Easy to play.
  • It will be easier as you like.
  • Prove to your friends and family that you’re the top ninja around. Show them how much you can cut by comparing your score with your friends to rise through the ranks and reach the top of the leaderboard!
  • Good game.

Why you have to download it?

Because the developer would not take it long live but if we provide a good review in it so, we may get it long live.

  • Added Leveling system
  • Some effects upgrade
  • Improved performance
  • More and much more!

Download Knife Fruit Master Mod APK, Unlimited Money, Updated

Did you face even any bug in it? Contact us.

Click here to start downloading… Please wait about 5 seconds till complete to download.


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