Download Kiwi Browser for Android With Features

Kiwi Browser is made to browse the internet, read the news, watch videos and listen to music without annoyances.
Kiwi browser a mobile web browser for android that is based chromium introduced support for chrome brows intention in its latest update.

What is chromium?

Kiwi Browser for Android
Kiwi Browser for Android

Chromium is the source of many browsers on android including google chrome, brave, opera or the soon to be released Vivaldi browser.

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Previous kiwi browser version came with different features that distinguished the browser from the majority of chromium-based browser. Kiwi browser support native ad-blocking a built-in dark theme, bottom address bar, and accessibility


To be fair kiwi browser is not the first android mobile browser that is based on chromium that supports extension. Yandex browser by the Russian internet giant. Yandex introduces support for the chrome extension last year already.


Kiwi Browser for Android
Kiwi Browser for Android

Kiwi browser is available on google play but the latest version of the browser is also available on the (project get hub page). since it takes a while before the new version reaches everyone on google play you may want to download and install the mobile browser on git hub instead as you can be certain get you are getting the latest release version.

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Kiwi Browser for Android

  • Incredible page load speed.
  • Powerful ad block that removes most of the intrusive ads.
  • Super strong popup blocker that works.
  • Crypto-jacking protection
  • Unlock Facebook web messenger
  • Night mode with customized contrast and grayscale mode.


Have you ever use Kiwi Browser for Android? If still not, go ahead to download.

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