Jomblo is Happiness Mod APK – Unlimited Mod

We will get in this game to run a restaurant in it and sell the new or fresh dishes because the developer has been allowed we can make it anything what we like. First of all, we need to download Jomblo is Happiness Mod and then it will be.

You never had a girlfriend and all of your friends said you’ll going to be Forever Alone (Jones). But no, it’s time to prove to all that you can graduate from high school and be happy…even if you’re single in Jomblo is Happiness Mod!

Jomblo is Happiness Mod

Live out your days and face the challenging high school life by balancing your financial, social life, academic, health, and possibly romance. You must keep your spirit up and maybe you will get a girlfriend to have a chance in Jomblo is Happiness Mod!

The developer name is Niji Game who launched Jomblo is Happiness Mod game and who is the owner of it.

He gave the simulation category in it: The manager prepared a computer simulation of likely sales performance for the rest of the year.



  • Choose your own name and determine your future!
  • Six (6) challenging semesters! 
  • Four (4) new friends, each of them has unique character & personality.
  • Every decision will affect your destiny! Be very careful!
  • Five (5) different endings! With more ways to drop out from school…
  • 16 beautiful art to be collected.
  • Available in English and Indonesian.
  • P.S Jomblo = Single in english.

Disclaimer: The Niji game did not ask me to write on Jomblo is Happiness Mod and he is not paying me to write. Why am I writing on it? Because the TechsTribe would like to inform you about Jomblo is Happiness Mod and give some ideas about it.

Let’s download it.

Download Jomblo is Happiness Mod APK

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