[Quick Guide] iPhone Unable to Connect to Wi-Fi

This may happen some of the time that your iPhone just won’t connect to Wi-Fi and you don’t know why. You try to connect your personal computer to connect to Wi-Fi and it connects, you try any other guy’s iPhone and it connects as well. That is why today I’m going to describe about iPhone Unable to Connect to Wi-Fi for helping you in the case of iPhone Wifi problem.

Either your iPhone connects to every Wi-Fi network except for one, or maybe it doesn’t connect to any single network at all.

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iPhone Unable to Connect to Wi-Fi

iPhone Unable to Connect to Wi-Fi
iPhone Unable to Connect to Wi-Fi

Today’s world is digitally connecting through the internet, any Wi-Fi or mobile data problem turns out to be a headache and people face a lot of problems because of this connectivity issue.

No matter how costly your smartphone is, internet connection problem can sometimes occur.

An iPhone may not be connecting to Wi-Fi due to a minor firmware issue, that’s why you should first restart your device to refresh its a memory as well as services and settings.

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If it still doesn’t connect, you must turn off your network device for a minute or two and then turn on your network devices such as modem or router.

Sometimes, electronic devices need to be rebooting from time to time to function properly.

If it still is having an issue connecting, then reset all the network settings on your iPhone that would change the network settings again to default, and try connecting again.

The question arises that, is your iPhone not connecting to only one network or if it won’t connect to any Wi-Fi network around?

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To check the problem out, connect your device to another Wi-Fi network available than the one your device is having a problem with.

If you don’t have another network just go to any good restaurant or local library where free Wi-Fi is providing. Connect your device to that network and if it connects, it’s not a hardware problem, there is an issue in between your device and the network wireless router.

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