Everything You Need To Know iPhone Guide From Basic to Advanced

As you know iPhone doesn’t have a printed guide, but it doesn’t really mean that there are no guides, you just have to know where to find them. So, today I have selected a topic for sharing with you about Everything You Need To Know iPhone Guide From Basic to Advanced.

Guide to iOS 12:

iPhone guide
User guide

iOS 12 is the latest iOS recently being used by iPhone users. It has better and some new features from the last iOS.

New features of iOS 12 include Apple TV app (iOS 12.3), AirPlay 2 and smart TVs (iOS 12.3), Apple News+ (The U.S and Canada only: iOS 12.2), Group FaceTime (not available in all regions, iOS 12.1.4), and many more great enhancements in applications and settings.

Deleted Notes on iPhone:

iPhone guide

The iOS Notes app is an application where you can keep your memories, to-do lists, lists of things you don’t wanna forget, shopping list, general notes that you don’t wanna forget, already secure in this iOS Notes app.

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Did you accidentally delete your notes? No worries, iOS Notes app holds your recently deleted notes for 30 days until they get entirely deleting, they can recover with some simple steps.

Open iOS Notes app on your device and look for ‘Recently Deleted‘ folder. Tap ‘Edit‘ in the upper right corner on your screen, select the notes you want to restore in your device storage. Tap ‘Move To‘ in the bottom left corner of your screen and then select the folder you want your note to be sent in.

How to Put or Remove a SIM CARD from your iPhone:

iPhone guide
iPhone guide

Bought a new iPhone or changed your phone network? Putting in or removing the Sim Card is simple.

You would need a paperclip, or a Sim Card removal tool, use a push pin, a safety pin, a bent staple, or even an earring.

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iPhone Guide

Look at the side of your iPhone and locate the Sim tray. Gently insert the tool you’re using into the small pinhole at the side of the Sim tray. Apply gentle and even pressure inside the hole until the Sim tray comes out.

Pull out the Sim tray out of your iPhone with your fingers. Put in the new SIM card or replace the old one with the new one. Note the small notch designed in the SIM jack and place your sim as it designed.

Re-insert the tray the same way you pulled it out until it fixed properly.

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