iPhone camera is better than Android Device: Try it to believe it!

It might come as a surprise, but most people prefer Android over iPhones. This is because iPhone chargers can be very problematic. Their chargers break or stop working after a short while, or are high maintenance.

However, when it comes to camera quality, people usually prefer iPhone camera over Android camera.

iPhone camera is better than Android Device because of a number of reasons.

In Android phones, when someone takes a picture, they can adjust the saturation and contrast pretty easily. However, the camera takes away attention from the main substance of the object.

The shot might be bold, but it is not as extraordinary as an iPhone camera result.

iPhone cameras are more for professional and mature photographers, because of the contrast and vibrancy of pictures. When users take a shot from an Android phone of a bright overexposure sight, they don’t give good results.

iPhone camera is better than Android Device because in such situations, it preserves the actual details of the scenery. iPhone cameras also offer many editing choices to its users.

Device of Both

iPhone camera

The next factor is the price and there is no doubt that iPhones are expensive. However, there is some high-end Anroid phones that are more expensive than iPhone models. One of such phones includes Samsung Galaxy S10.

The resolution those iPhone cameras give users, Android devices can’t. iPhone camera is better than Android Device, because it offers users better camera features.

The latest model of iPhone, XR, comes with a 12 mega pixel camera. Moreover, this same model can record videos in 4K.

Most iPhone models comes with a larger sensor, which allows the user to take great photos, even when the light is low. This type of feature is missing in most Android devices.

iPhone can offer the low light feature to its users, because it comes with optical image stabilization. The camera result of an iPhone is crisp, even when the shutter speed is low.

The Portrait Mode in iPhones, is one of the reasons why professional photographers prefer it. The Portrait Mode makes a photo look professional, and the dual camera adds to the quality of the pictures taken by an iPhone.

The dual lens in most iPhones create selfies a depth map, which helps the phone calculate the distance between the phone and the subject. iPhone camera can blur the background if the focus of the iPhone user is the subject.

Lastly, the iPhone camera is better than Android Device because Apple has more control over third party user apps. The third-party camera apps available on Apple Store are limited, but they provide greater user satisfaction.

When buying a camera, one should make sure that they understand their own use of the camera.

If they need it for professional purposes, then they should look for features that professionals want. If someone doesn’t take many photos from their camera, but still buy a smartphone with an expensive camera, it will be a waste.

It is best to analyze one’s own needs, and the quality of camera needed, then just buy a random expensive phone.

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