How To Index Blogger Post in Google? | Webmaster Tool Tips

Google Webmaster Tools allows to Index Blogger Post in Google you to take control well, some control over how Google indexes your website. Anyone with a website can use it to monitor and maintain their website’s presence in their search results. To use this free service, it’s not obligatory to sign up, but Index Blogger Post in Google worth doing so to learn how Google sees your site and then optimize it for better rankings and better experiences for your visitors. Here, we concentrate on submitting new content for crawling, which means that Google checks out your new content more quickly than usual (within minutes, not days or weeks Index Blogger Post in Google) and it will consequently appear in search results faster.

Index Blogger Post in Google

Follow the instructions to set up your account. First, you’ll need to verify your website so that Google knows what to look at. This involves entering the exact URL of your site and adding some unique code from Google to your homepage.

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  1. Go to webmaster tools and also go to your blogger
  2. Index Blogger Post in Google
  3. Click on Add a Property
  4. Check steps which I have done in a screenshot
  5. Index Blogger Post in Google
  6. Go to list in somethings have written about Index Blogger Post in Google
  7. Click on Crawl
  8. Go to Fetch as Google
  9. Index Blogger Post in Google
  10. Then, copy half url of your post like /2015/01/tap-titans-121-apk.html
  11. Don’t use your blogger name or blogger url
  12. Index Blogger Post in Google
  13. If you have completed and it is not working with you so you should contact us.
  14. Index Blogger Post in Google
  15. Now, I should show my result of indexing.
  16. Index Blogger Post in Google
  17. Check my result of this post

You can also give the sitemap of your blogger and if you keep the sitemap so your all posts will submit itself on Google.

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