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With respect Voodoo developer who has been developing the game for a long time for our enjoyments because he’s a good person who is thinking for peoples and helping to peoples. I have started to write on the voodoo developer games because of he is doing hard working and I swear that this post isn’t for advertisements so, please be sure and be on the concept that why he’s making for us even if he is not be taking anything from us accepted ads those are running in the game but that is for him must be due the a good developer and we must have to help me whensoever he need whatever let’s discuss about a new game which will be on play store after some time due to some reason the voodoo developer has allowed publishing on Ice but he published already on iTunes because he would be happier of iPhone company there have no concept which is not dangerous than play store and no hard than play store. We are discussng about Ice mod APK.

Can you crush downhill? Ice mod apk.

Use inertia and bumping to gain speed. Tap to jump and double-jump. Calculate when to jump to pass through the rest of the players and score points. Crush players by falling on them and gain extra speed and gems in Ice mod apk.

Ice mod apk game is super fun, do not worry about adds to, they aren’t in the way they’re just the typical watch to earn stuff adds, completely optional. The worst part is that there are no online just bots, BUT, the bots are fun and sometimes challenging, and each race feels different. Another thing is that there isn’t much customization just a few color swaps and turkey skin, but I know they will add more. It has so much potential and is so much fun.

You can not download Ice mod apk either the it is on iTunes platform.

You’ll be downloading when it comes on play store.


SellerAbel Galven
Size131 MB
Compatibility RequiresiOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Age ratingRated 4+
Copyright© Mel Games
In-App Purchase1. No ads in $2.99


  • Bugs fixed.
  • SDK update.
  • Splash screen modified.
  • Much better result.
  • Take the jump you need to run fast than others.
  • A simple game cannot make any competition with a top game.
  • Run fast as soon as the down person will take your place.
  • Try to stop and slow another player in Ice mod apk.

Download Ice mod apk

There is nothing accepted play store can provide us to download mod apk or APK fie easily.

I just recommend the below section iTunes link due to it is to come on play store.

Click here to download.

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