Hunter Assassin Mod APK for Android/iOS

Hello there ladies and gentlemen! Is there anyone in between you guys who loves action smartphone games? If you are the one, then I have great action and an addictive game for you, the “Hunter Assassin mod”.

This Hunter Assassin mod game is a apk product of Ruby Game Studios. It is a very straightforward and simple action game. Don’t take the word SIMPLE in a negative sense though, as it is a very addictive and interesting game.

“Control the assassin and hunt down your targets one by one”. This is what you need to do in this addicting game of skills where you have to put your patience, thinking skills and capability of how you react to a certain situation to the test, all of this in order to successfully assassinate your enemies without being caught.

In my opinion, this game is a combination of action and adventure games because it has a challenging adventure route. You have to hide in the shadows and avoid being seen by the heavy torch lights of your enemies.

You have to level up through these dangerous maps which keep getting dangerous after every level up as your enemies are lurking at every corner, looking for you and to take you in less than a second only.

Though the controls of this game are very easy and simple to get using to in no time. Security guards are patrolling and securing each room with a specific area by their torch lights. What you need to do is dodge that space which their torchlight is covering in order to stay alive and to the next level.

If you didn’t dodge the torchlight area and a guard catches you, they will shoot and kill you in less than a second which will decrease the life points you got until they reach zero. And if you die before assassinating your targets, you will start from the beginning.

Controls of Hunter Assassin


Hunter Assassin Mod APK for Android/iOS

Just as I mention above, the controls of this game are very easy and simple. It will take you only some minutes of continuous gaming to get using to these controls.

What you have to do is to tap the point on your screen where you want your assassin to go. Always place and hide your assassin away from the eyes and lantern beams of the guards, and try to eliminate them one by one.

Remember one thing, in order to surpass these challenging levels, you will have to be very fast and stealthy as well. The levels, in the beginning, will be easier for you to have a good grip on the controls and to understand the strategy you have to apply in order to win, but these levels will keep getting more complicated and difficult as you keep progressing further.

As you level up by killing soldiers and pass these levels, you will gain gems that will help you gain various improvements. You can even buy some better assassins which are faster and stronger than the default assassin.

So, aren’t you impressing by this game? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Search the APK of this game on Google and download it from a safe and website. Or you can even download it directly from the Google Play Store.

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