Hungry Dragon Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

Enter the game Hungry Dragon; you will end up being the companion with a dragon named Nibbler incredibly charming. Be that as it may, Nibbler is an irregular winged dragon. He generally felt eager and needed to eat everything.

He can swallow enormous birds, mountain creatures, or little animals set out to enter the eye. If that conceivable, maybe Nibbler could gulp down the entire sun.

Hungry Dragon Mod APK:

hungry dragon mod apk

Obviously, in Hungry Dragon, you need to enable Nibbler to eat; however, many animals as could be expected under the circumstances to survive. At whatever point Nibbler doesn’t have anything in his stomach, his life will debilitate and may prompt starvation.

Notice the nobility bar in the upper right corner of your screen to perceive to what extent your Dragon endures and the amount to eat to survive. The higher the animal, the higher the essentialness you will pick up, the more extended the mythical beast will live.

Be that as it may, you have to watch out for dangerous living beings noticeable all around. These animals frequently have a bizarre appearance, terrifying. If not eat right, not exclusively won’t build blood however, your Dragon will lose blood, even bite the dust right away.


hungry dragon mod apk

  • Additionally, dragons in Hungary Dragon likewise, have the aptitude of showering fire is incredibly heathen.
  • Eating your prey won’t just expand your pulse yet will also help increase your capacity.
  • At the point when your size is full, you can actuate your fire skills or increase your speed as you like.
  • Hungry Dragon has endless gameplay.
  • You have permitted to fly and eat anything you desire.
  • The game finishes when the Dragon dies.
  • Eat more to earn more points, along these lines establishing the most elevated record of hungry dragon mod apk.
  • In each game, remember to gather gold coins.
  • They have utilized to open different monsters in hungry dragon mod apk.
  • The more you eat, the quicker your Dragon will develop.
  • The mythical Dragon is more magnificent, looks more attractive and stronger.
  • Release the intensity of the Dragon, burning everything along the way.
  • Particularly, with each stage, you have conquered an alternate land, from the cave, sky to the fairy village.

What we like

hungry dragon mod apk

  • Game is user-friendly and easy to download
  • Free-roaming kingdom in epic 3D

What we don’t like

  • You have to add coins using money
  • You have to get unlimited gold using cash

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