How to use Outlook: 11 time-saving tips

How to use Outlook: 11 time-saving tips

If you spend most of your day handling email, there are many ways to use Outlook more efficiently. Change the defaults to match the way you work.

How to use Outlook: 11 time-saving tips

Use keyboard shortcuts or two. Set up filters to automate tasks. And, make sure Outlook runs at maximum speed. Check out the tips and tricks below, and you’ll be back in time.

File messages with one click

Accelerate what you often do. Set up one-click actions to easily manage emails.

Talk to you soon and keep up the good content

Don’t slip your email folders with messages that have been copied elsewhere. Learn how to use Outlook to automatically clear emails. Outlook will move or delete those junk emails for you.

Resend emails

Instead of starting with a blank message, resubmit the email in Outlook to reuse its contents, article, or recipients.

Keep Outlook files smaller and smaller

If you want Outlook to be faster, keep your PST file size small. The PST document is the place Outlook stores messages, contacts, calendars, and more. One way to keep a PST file small is to move the old mail to a separate archive file, for example.

Set up auto-response outside the office or on vacation

Reply to Outlook on your own when you are away and will not be able to reply to your email. This saves you time not only when you are working after the holidays but also with each working day.

Move the e-mail to the folder

If you haven’t set up one-click filing for a folder, Outlook has another way to quickly move emails to folders. You can move messages using a simple keyboard, for example, or a ribbon.

Create and use email templates

When you compose similar messages for different recipients, save one of these emails as a sample in Outlook for future use. You will send the same email over or over again with enviable speed, or a similar email.

Change the default Outlook font face and size

If you think that when you write a message or read an email, the font used by Outlook is too wide, too long, too short, too small, too big, or too blue. Learn how to set the exact font, font style, and color to use as the default for emails in Outlook.

Delete conversation and mute

When you find yourself wandering around in emails and conversations that are completely irrelevant, Outlook can help. How to use Outlook to delete an entire conversation and automatically delete Outlook future emails in the same thread.

Automatically filter a sender’s mail into a specific folder

To set up an Outlook filter, start with any email that automatically moves all future messages from the same sender to a specific folder.

Find related messages

In Outlook, finding all related messages is easy. Search only for contact names or title words. Outlook lists each message that matches your search terms.

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