How to use Google Chrome clipboard sharing with Android

Clipboard sharing between Chrome on desktop and Android is a beta feature, also known as a flag or experimental functionality. There are a few steps to enable it, and you have to do it on every device you want to share the clipboard with, but then you can copy and paste it with a few clicks or taps. Here’s how to empower and utilize Chrome Clipboard Sharing.

How to enable shared clipboard on Chrome?

Chrome Flash has experimental features for the browser that enhance your browsing experience. Be warned that flags can cause data loss and security issues, as well as disappear at any time. Some of the best Chrome flags are finally turned into full-featured. Chrome flags are available to every user, but you need to enable them one by one.

  1. In the Chrome browser, open a new tab, and type or paste the Chrome: // flags into Chrome’s Omnibox.
  2. Press Enter, then find the clipboard in the search box.
  3. The search will generate some flags, all of which must be enabled for the feature to work properly. On the Windows desktop you will see:
  • Enable the receiver gadget to deal with the common clipboard feature
  • Enable shared clipboard feature to handle signals
  • Enables the remote copy feature to receive messages
  • Raw clipboard
  1. Click on the default next to each and select Enable.
  2. Click Restart to restart the Chrome browser and save your changes.

How to enable shared clipboard on Android?

The process is almost the same on Android, although the flags are different.

  1. Again, open the Chrome tab, and type or paste the Chrome: // flags into the Omnibox.
  2. Tap the Enter key and locate the clipboard.
  3. You will see two flags in the results. Tap the default after:

Enable shared clipboard feature to handle signals

  1. Select Enable on each flag.
  2. Tap Launch again to restart the browser.

How to use the shared clipboard?

Once you’ve configured all your devices, it’s easy to use the shared clipboard feature. It’s especially easy to copy long URLs and you don’t feel like typing.

  1. From your desktop or Android device, highlight the text and right-click. Select Copy in <divice>.
  2. This device will receive a notification with the copied text, which is automatically copied to your clipboard.
  3. Tap and hold to paste the text.

How to check your Chrome version?

You can check which version of Chrome you are running and whether you have the update to wait with a few clicks on the desktop computer.

  1. Open the Chrome Browser tab.
  2. Click on the More menu (three vertical dots).
  3. Select Help> About Google Chrome. You can see your Chrome form on this page. The screen will either say you are up to date or an update is available. If it’s later, go ahead and update Chrome.

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